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Pizza Restaurant Takes a Slice out of Energy Waste and Discomfort

Case Study

The owners of a popular pizza restaurant in Corvallis, Ore., experienced high energy bills and poor ventilation and airflow — a particularly vexing issue for businesses with commercial kitchens. Many culprits were to blame for these issues, including leaky and poorly insulated walls, large make-up and exhaust air openings from the venting system that serves the pizza oven, and a number of additional air supply and exhaust pathways that weren’t in service but nonetheless resulted in significant air leakage.

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Breathing New Life Into First Security Bank

Case Study

The goal of BetterBricks is to accelerate the adoption of energy-efficient best practices in the commercial industry. BetterBricks created a strategy to support the adoption of a real estate strategy called building renewal that helps owners, managers and tenants conduct whole-building, deep energy-efficiency retrofits of existing properties.

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