Holistic and cost-effective energy efficient solutions for buildings

The following curation of cost-effective and energy-efficient solutions—including the industry’s best strategies, technologies and tools—can help you or your clients address common barriers to lowering operations and maintenance expenses, gaining a competitive edge, and increasing tenant comfort, satisfaction and retention.


Understanding advanced lighting techniques and technologies for commercial buildings can have a profound impact on your budget, market differentiation, building aesthetics, tenant comfort and more. Find a host of advanced lighting solutions for your business including educational resources, training opportunities and qualified contractors.

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Uncovering the specific drivers of your building’s energy usage, and how it stacks up with others, is often the first step in making strategic, cost-effective energy upgrades that help you reduce energy waste, lower costs and stay competitive. Learn how benchmarking can get you started on the path to reduced costs and increased comfort.

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Outdated windows are often a leading culprit in energy waste and tenant discomfort. From low-e attachments to high efficiency replacements, check out the latest in energy-efficient windows technology, and get to know the most cost-effective, energy-saving solutions for your commercial building.

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The many components of your building’s HVAC system are crucial to energy efficiency and comfort. When these components operate in unison, you’ll be able to maintain a much more efficient, comfortable environment throughout your commercial building. Get to know the most advanced HVAC technologies and how they can help you control costs along with the heating, cooling and airflow of a commercial building.

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Extended Motor Products

Pumping systems are essential to the daily operation of most commercial buildings and industrial facilities. With new energy standards for clean-water pumps in effect beginning in 2020 and a great new Energy Rating label program from the Hydraulic Institute, now is the time to evaluate the efficiency of commercial and industrial pumps and circulators.

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Building Operations

When you can learn to operate your building more efficiently through energy-efficient maintenance practices and equipment troubleshooting, you’ll lower costs, improve comfort and further differentiate yourself in the market.

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Strategic Energy Management (SEM)

Strategic Energy Management (SEM) is a self-sustaining energy management system that helps you embed long-term energy-saving practices into the key areas of your building operations: people, manufacturing systems, measurement, and organizational structure. Search or browse the SEM Hub—an easy-to-use library of resources including guides, tools, videos and online courses.

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Building Renewal

A comprehensive strategy to add value to your building and make it more competitive in the market though energy efficiency upgrades that save 35% or more in energy costs.

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Integrated Design

By learning how every aspect of your building works together, you’ll be able to incorporate holistic efficiency into your next commercial project. Use these resources to help you look at your commercial renovation or new construction project to save you or your client energy, time and money.

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