Extended Motor Products: Efficient Pumps and Circulators

Extended Motor Products (XMP) include efficient motor-driven pumps and circulators that reduce energy consumption and increase your bottom line.

Pumping systems are essential to the daily operation of most commercial buildings and industrial facilities. With new energy standards for clean-water pumps in effect beginning in 2020 and a great new Energy Rating label program from the Hydraulic Institute, now is the time to evaluate the efficiency of commercial and industrial pumps and circulators.

Benefits of efficient pumps and circulators include:

  • Increased energy savings
  • Decreased lifetime maintenance and operating costs
  • Extended motor life

Calculating Pump Energy Savings

The Hydraulic Institute's Energy Rating (ER) Label is designed to clearly indicate the power savings available from pump upgrades and changes. By using the label, manufacturers and distributors can quickly compare the relative power consumption of various models, and utilities can use the Energy Rating score for incentive programs and rebates.

Watch the video and visit er.pumps.org for more information.

U.S. Department of Energy 2020 Standards

U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Energy Conservation Standards for the manufacture of certain clean water pumps take effect on January 27, 2020. For additional information on the scope, standard level and uniform test procedure for eligible pumps, see the Hydraulic Institute’s Regulatory Summary for Pumps.

Case Studies

Guaranteed Up-Time


A data center facility case study from Armstrong.

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Sheraton Vancouver


Grundfos has conducted a pump audit and installation of Vancouver's Sheraton Wall Centre pump system.

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Better Savings and Performance at an L.A. High Rise


Grundfos replaces an aging pump system in the fifth largest high-rise in Los Angeles.

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Big Savings for Office Building


A Grundfos pump audit identified more than 80% annual energy cost savings for an office building's pressure boosting system.

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