Low Wattage Lamps

Save money with low wattage T8 lamps

Building owners everywhere enjoy significant savings by incorporating low wattage T8 lamps into their lighting maintenance solutions. Here’s why replacing your 32W T8 lamps with 25W or 28W lamps is a no brainer:

Improve your bottom line

Low wattage T8 lamps are equivalent in price to 32 watt T8s, but reduce lifetime costs by up to 23% and consume less energy, without sacrificing light quality.

Reduce maintenance

Up to 50% fewer trips up the ladder for your maintenance staff.

Last longer

Lifetimes up to 84,000 hours, up to 50% longer than their 32W counterparts.

Install easily

Usually compatible with existing ballasts for instant replacement.


Low wattage T8 linear fluorescent lamps are a tried and true solution to save you time and money, and reduce your energy consumption and maintenance costs. They’re also competitively priced with 32 watt versions.

If you already have T8 ballasts, you can do a direct conversion with low wattage lamps for most applications without a ballast change or rewiring.

Watch our video to see how easy it is to switch today.

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