New Year, New Federal Standards: What 2018 Has in Store for the Fluorescent Lamp

New U.S. Department of Energy standards require that all General Service Fluorescent Lamps (GSFL) manufactured after Jan. 26 meet increased standards for efficacy, or lumens per watt, to encourage the adoption of high-efficiency lighting products.

This change will have significant impact on the 32-watt linear fluorescent T8 lamp, which is among the most common fixture found in commercial buildings across the U.S. In 2017, an estimated 112 million 32-watt lamps were sold, and nearly 70 percent of these are non-compliant.

While commercial lighting customers will need to take stock of their go-to lighting products in the wake of these new standards, there are cost-saving options for those not yet ready to make the switch to LEDs. In 2017, more than 15 million low wattage 28- and 25-watt lamps were sold across the country – and nearly all of them are compliant with the new federal standards.

In fact, these low wattage lamps represent the simplest solution to the standards change. They are also energy-efficient and boast lower maintenance costs, all while providing the same comfort and light quality occupants are used to.

“Graybar is excited to initiate conversations and engage with our customers on converting to the low wattage T8 options that will help them save energy and money,” commented Graybar Lighting Business Development Manager Davis Chastain. Graybar Electrical Supply is one of North America’s largest employee-owned companies specializing in electrical supplies, communications and data products, components and related services, with locations in 49 states and Puerto Rico.

With millions of fluorescent T8s sold in the last year alone, manufacturers, distributors and lighting customers will need to re-evaluate their default lighting replacement products. Low watt T8s represent a simple, energy-efficient path to compliance in 2018. For more information on low-watt T8s visit: www.betterbricks.com/LWT8. You can also visit the DOE’s website to learn more on the new federal standards.

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